Huge scale African Bamileke table

Huge scale African Bamileke table

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W: 79.5cm (31.3")H: 52cm (20.5")


Huge scale, original Bamileke African table .
Originally from Cameroon, this is an iconic piece of African furniture. They€™re also often called King€™s stools, or birds€™ nests and were traditionally used by the Bamileke Tribe for public ceremonies.
These are carved by hand from one continuous piece of wood. To do this, the lumber would first be thrown into the river to soften it up and then the ornate web pattern would be hand-carved into the hardwood.
Any break in the wood would mean the piece was abandoned or this break is considered a break in the life cycle and thus a bad omen.
The intricate pattern you see in these represents the web of the earth spider, a symbol of divine wisdom.
This piece could also be turned ups side down, with added glass top, to showcase the amazing detail of the inner carved wood.
Height - 52 cm
Diameter - 79.5 cm