19th Century Comb Back Windsor Chair

19th Century Comb Back Windsor Chair

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W: 59cm (23.2")H: 106cm (41.7")D: 58cm (22.8")

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Purchased privately and never available for sale before, this well formed comb back Windsor Chair was rarely used and was passed down through the family.

Possibly a 19th Century English copy of an 18th c Welsh chair , the continous horse shaped arm is often seen in welsh chairs as is the slight node on the spindles
Using " a good beeswax furniture polish " a few times a year kept it in good order we were told.

The shaped elm saddle seat is raised on four primitively turned ash legs.

Depth - 58 cm - to front leg 
Back Height - 56 cm
Arm Width - 59 cm
Arm Height - 62.5 cm
Seat Height - 39.5 cm
Seat Width - 56 cm - at widest point
Seat Thickness - 5 cm
Seat Depth - 42.5 cm from back spindle