French 19th C Hectolitre Winemakers Measure

French 19th C Hectolitre Winemakers Measure

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W: 71cm (28")H: 94.5cm (37.2")Di: 52.5cm (20.7")


Very decorative, large scale French 19th c Hectolitre. This rare copper and brass wine barrel was used by wineries to measure and pour their wines into bottles, in preparation for consumption or sale.
This example has developed a wonderful patina over time.  It is mounted, with a pair of handles and three legs. 
The measure is outfitted with an overflow and a spout down one side which would allow the excess wine to be emptied into a vessel below to ensure little waste. 
The brass shield is inscribed: ‘Hectolitre Lagrange 1851’  Every winery would have had one of these barrels and customers would bring a vessel and lie it under the spout to fill with the desired amount of wine. 
The vintner would charge for the wine by using the attached, internal measuring stick to determine how much was in the barrel before and after dispensing, as not every vessel was of equal size.  
Almost all of the measuring stick still remains, adding character to this already rich antique. 
This wine vat will hold 100L and could still be used today. 
Working tap 
Ideal planter, log store or water butt.

Height - 94.5 cm
Mouth Diameter - 52.5 cm
Handle to Handle width -71cm
Tap Length - 16 cm