Lychee Wood Primitive Side Table - Shou Sugi Ban

Lychee Wood Primitive Side Table - Shou Sugi Ban

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H: 52cm (20.5")Di: 42cm (16.5")

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Lychee wood side table.
Hand carved and then finished with Japanese architectural technique 'Shou Sugi Ban' , creating this beautiful side table is a piece of art and certainly a talking point.
This piece is heavy and requires 2 people to lift.
The polished, slightly concaved top creates a real contrast to the side profile.

Shou Sugi Ban is an ancient Japanese architectural technique that was used to preserve wood by charring the surface with a hot flame. Shou Sugi Ban is also known as Yakisugi and traditionally was performed on Sugi wood, which is a Japanese cedar. The process involved charring the wood, cooling it, cleaning off any soot or burnt debris on the surface, and finally finishing the boards with an oil.

Height - 52 cm
Diameter - 42 cm