We are able to reupholster any of our advertised pieces via an expert craftsman. Let us help you create your dream, unique piece.

You can also ask us about supporting with the upholstery of existing items you may have. This includes both fabric and handyed leather work.

Bespoke made footstools are also available.
Below is one of our favourite restoration/upholstery projects.





Generally, all of our pieces are home/shop ready. However, sometimes it's good to leave some elements up to individual choice. For example, we choose not to rewire and test all of our lamps until the point of purchase, so that you can choose your desired colour of flex. This also helps international clients ensure their lights are ready for use with the correct plug. 

 If you require an adaptation to any of our items this is always open for discussion. Our restorer is a detailed and methodical expert, who is able to find a solution to most things! Our restoration is always sympathetic and done in a way that simply enhances the piece, without drastically changing it and stripping it of character.






Location set-ups

Retail display/VM consultancy

Interior design consultancy

Hotel/Bar/Restaurant refreshes

Prop Hire (wedding/events/film)



Previous Clients Include: